Mission Statement

      The mission of the department of Applied Economics is to help rural communities in Utah, the Intermountain West, and beyond thrive economically. Student Training, academic research and extension efforts are focused on issues that are most important to rural communities: food and agriculture, environmental quality and allocation of natural resources, and regional development.


    The Department of Applied Economics will measure students’ progress and success in the following ways:

1. Student satisfaction. Student satisfaction is measured through course evaluations and an exit survey of graduating students. Course evaluations, while not a perfect method to measure course quality, can help the department identify patterns in feedback so that it can make improvements. An exit survey asks graduating students about their experiences in the Department of Applied Economics and can be used to improve what we do. We will also interview former students to track their employment status and get their ideas on how we can better prepare other students for the workforce. (Undergraduate and Graduate Programs)

2. Knowledge, skills, and curriculum. Pre- and post-tests are conducted for the core courses in the APEC undergraduate curriculum. Course-specific learning objectives are explained on the learning objectives section. The pre- and post-tests measure how well students have grasped key concepts. The test results will help the department identify its most effective teachers and aid all of its instructors in continually improving their teaching effectiveness. (Undergraduate Program)

3. Research Experience. We will report and continually update the website to include all theses, dissertations, professional reports, and refereed journal articles authored or co-authored by graduate students. (Graduate Program).

4. Placement and Career Preparation. We also will occasionally survey the employers and former students to find out how we can better prepare them for the workplace. (Undergraduate and Graduate Programs)