Posted by: McCarty Hatfield on Aug 27, 2012

Charles Sims part of $20 Million iUTAH Water Research

The National Science Foundation has given Utah State University, University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Utah Valley University, Southern Utah University, Weber State University, Dixie State College, Westminster College, Snow College and Salt Lake Community College a $20 million grant for an infrastructure improvement research project called Innovative Urban Transition and Aridregion Hydro-sustainability (iUTAH).UtahState University’s Charles Sims, an assistant professor in the College of Agriculture Applied Economics Department is involved in the research project.
iUtah will be studying the connection between Utah’s increasing population and limited water supply. The iUTAH project will study how to increase Utah’s water quality and conservation while striving to educate a diverse population on water usage.
The iUTAH project has three focus areas. The first focus area, eco-hydrology, will evaluate waters properties and circulation through various watersheds in the state.
The second focus area, social and engineered eco-hydro systems, will survey the current urban water conservation and usage systems and investigate the social policies in place for water usage and how they are followed.
The third focus area will use the information gathered from the first and second focus areas to create behavior and economic models. The social-eco-hydrology system models will be used to discover water availability, track water usage and learn what social aspects affect how, when and why we use water.
Sims says the project will start by asking broad question that will build a base for water research and education in Utah.
To learn more about the iUTAH research project contact Charles Sims at