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agribuisnessWelcome to the Department of Applied Economics

The mission of the Department of Applied Economics is to prepare students for careers in economics and agribusiness at the local, national and international levels and focus on issues that are most important to rural communities: food and agriculture, environmental quality and allocation of natural resources, and regional development.

Economics is the study of allocating our scarce resources among humankind’s seemingly endless variety of needs and wants. This places economists and economic analysis at the center of virtually every important discussion and debate about how nations, firms, and people should organize resources to address these needs and wants. As a result, economics offers an exciting and dynamic field of study and research for students that will prepare them well to become tomorrow’s decision makers.

Our award-winning faculty members not only make a difference as they teach at USU but they seek to serve the world beyond our Logan campus through their significant research and Extension activities.


Agribusiness B.S.

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